The holidays are bearing down on us and if you’re currently in the process of trying to get your condo sold, you might be tempted to take it off the market until the last of the holiday tinsel and New Year’s confetti are swept away. Who needs the hassle of preparing for showings when the holidays are hectic enough? But before you call up your agent and tell him or her to take a listing luau, consider some of the many beneā€€ts of leaving your condo on the market during this merriest of seasons:


Less Competition From Other Condo Sellers

Most sellers in your neighborhood probably WILL take their condo off the market during the holiday season – and that means more showings for you when it comes to those dedicated buyers who are out there looking. Your unit will stand out and because it’s one of the few available for show, you may not even need to throw in any additional perks should a potential buyer come knocking.


Chances Are, Your Condo Will Be Looking Its Best

If you’re like most, the holidays have a tendency to motivate you to keep your place particularly tidy and clean. Guess what? That means it will also be ready for showings at a moment’s notice! A little nature-themed holiday decor will give your condo an especially inviting touch (think boughs of holly versus plastic Santas). You won’t have to hustle to do a major cleaning job if your place is already spruced up and looking great!


If You Travel, Your Condo Will Be Readily Accessible for Showings

Is traveling to another town or state a holiday tradition for you? Perfect! That means you won’t have to try scheduling your life around showings. Let your agent line up the appointments as needed while you enjoy a break from your everyday routine. (Of course, you’ll want to stay connected to your listing agent for updates on any showing activity.)


Buyers May Be Fewer, But They’ll Also Be Focused

Yes, the volume of potential buyers will probably be less at this time of year, but remember – those who DO make the effort to go condo shopping over the holidays are bound to be more serious in their search and driven to close a deal. It’s not uncommon for employers to relocate their employees just before the end of the year, so the potential for highly motivated buyers out shopping during the holidays does exist! Of course, if you’re still uncertain about keeping your condo listed during the holidays, you can always just choose to have your agent remove it from the active market while letting the real estate community know that the unit is still for sale so you won’t have to go through the re-listing process again once you’re ready to open your door to showings. But consider sticking it through Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised this holiday season by something no amount of gift wrap could contain – a successful sale!

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